by The Oarsman

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What was your first memory? It might be faint, amorphous, blurred about the edges, but it is there. Think. What was it? An event? A feeling? A thought? A painted reality supplanted later in life by the imaginings of the kin that reared you?

We were given a chance.

We live on a sphere of life floating in a formidable sea of death, nothingness, and infinite blackness. Our existence is a drop of rain in the ocean. A flicker of light. A grain of sand. A moment. Our moment. This is our time. This is all that we have. Think about it. If we are lucky, we might get a solid 60 years of productivity. Let's use our time together wisely. Let's mend the brokenness. Let's heal the sick. Let's come together. Right now.


100% of the proceeds will be donated to assist the Ebola Action through SOS Children's Villages. Your money goes to help victims of the Ebola Crisis in West Africa.


released December 24, 2014

Produced by Marcus Christopher Maloney. Recorded on location by the artists using only the iPhone Voice Memo application. No second takes, no effects, no gimmicks. Mastered by Dan Silberman at Mama's House Productions (Evanston, IL).



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The Oarsman

The Oarsman is a band from the Mid Western United States of America. We believe in God, true love, and the merits of suffering. Thank you for listening.


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